Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tree Pruning

Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tools

Types of Tools to Use

While many of the dead and smaller branches can simply be broken off by hand, it is recommended that bypass pruners or saws be used for the larger branches.

Larger limbs should be removed with a pruning saw, while limbs around the approximate size of your middle finger should be removed with the smaller bypass pruners.

Marti's favorite Laceleaf Japanese Maple pruning tools  are:

Florian Ratchet-Cut pruning tools. (Both hand pruners and loppers are fabulous)

Swiss Istor Sharpener (great for sharpening your pruning blades)

Silky folding Landscaping Hand Saw gomboy 240

Bond 8" Bypass Pruners with 1/2" cutting (These can be purchased at numerous retail hardware stores or on line)

Tool Care

It is very important that you keep your tools clean and sharp at all times. This helps with clean concise cuts, rather than ripping and tearing of the branches which can harm the tree.

Sterilization is very important, as it prevents the spread of disease.

Sharpening should be done at least twice a year for frequent tool usage. Once a year is sufficient for occasional use.

When cleaning your tools, the rule of thumb is that you use one part bleach with 10 parts water. (1 Tbsp to one Quart sprayer) Thoroughly clean and dry. You may also apply a light grade machine oil over the blades when you are finished cleaning them. This helps to keep them from rusting.

Should you not want to bother cleaning and sharpening your own tools, here is an option:


laceleaf japanese maple tools




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