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Marti Willis
Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tree Pruning

 Marti Willis Manicured Maples 

Marti is a true Oregonian, having lived in Oregon all her life. She grew up in the beautiful community of Lake Oswego, and still remains close to its roots with friends and family close by. Attending the University of Oregon and graduating in 1976, she then began a 33 year marketing career in telecom for a company that began as Pacific NW Bell and ended as Qwest Communications. She retired at the end of 2009.  


While her career in marketing taught her more than she would ever have thought about business, partnerships, and technology, her true passion has always been directed towards the beauty of nature and the joys of gardening and forestry. Not only is Marti very involved with Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tree Pruning, but she also became a Master Woodland Manager (comparable to a Master Gardener, but in Forestry) back in 1995 in order to take over management of her family’s timber stands in Oregon. She currently manages a tree farm comprised of almost 250 acres of prime timber and is an active member of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, and Women Owning Woodlands Network. Both organizations of which join private land owners in sharing ideas in caring for their land. 


Trimming laceleaf japanese MaplesMarti has enjoyed landscaping her own personal acre in Tigard, Oregon over the last 24 years as well. She continually  marvels at the many advancements she has made during that time.  She currently has twelve Laceleaf Japanese Maples in all shapes and sizes throughout her own yard, and only plans to add more as space presents itself. She finds solace in a yard which provides her with beauty and contentment year round.

Marti first became interested in the pruning and shaping of Laceleaf Japanese Maples, by starting to do those in her own yard years ago. She then began to notice how many of these beautiful trees were being totally neglected in her surrounding neighborhood, and then everywhere she went. She found herself wanting to know everything about these trees. Their various sizes and shapes, styles and colors. Their unique beauty and artistic quality. This overall curiosity lead to the idea for Manicured Maples


Marti’s very first “professional” job was on Sept 11th, 2001. After the horrific events and sadness of that morning, she went to work on the tree of a friend who lived on the lake in Lake Oswego. Spending the day realizing how precious life is, surrounded by peace and solitude in such a beautiful location, and doing something she loved, helped her to understand that this was something that she wanted to do more than just part time.  


She then began pruning the Laceleaf Japanese Maples belonging to her friends, neighbors, and colleagues throughout the Portland area. Over the years, word spread. And while Marti’s work has been primarily focused in the surrounding Portland area, jobs have taken her as far south as Corvallis and Coos Bay.  


While a lot of the technique that she has learned over the years, comes from sheer instinct, she has also taken the time to attend classes given by reliable subject matter experts. Many of these classes were presented by Tsugawa Nursery in Woodland, Wa. Honing her skills over the years, she has continually kept her pulse on new ideas and techniques in the industry, expanding her knowledge as she grows the business.  Her eye for knowing where and when to cut, and how to turn a tree into a thing of beauty, has her customers coming back year after year! 


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