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Major limb removal may be made after you have followed the entire limb back to it's origin. Are you sure you want to remove it? Will it lighten up the tree? Is it in competition with other branches that might be more visually pleasing to the eye. It is a limb that enhances the overall structure of the tree? Are there limbs that should be removed instead? These are questions you need to ask yourself, when pruning Laceleaf Japanese Maples in Oregon. Many times, this is something that someone with experience can just see with the eye. If this is not you, perhaps you need to seek professional help?pruning laceleaf japanese maples Oregon

With that in mind, do not over think the situation either. If you are confident in what you are doing, remove the entire limb rather than making numerous smaller cuts.

Any major cuts that are done, should be right at the outer edge of the bulge where the branch meets the trunk. This is called the branch collar. It is very critical to not leave a stub.

Do not remove a limb that is greater than 1/2 the diameter of the main trunk. In older trees you may even consider less.

Try not to remove normal height from the tree as well. Leave the stronger branches in place as long as they flow with the direction and structure of the tree.

Remove all the new fine wispy growth from the center of the tree, as this will deter from the actual shape of the tree. If you have a "gap" to fill, and one of these limbs will fill that void eventually after time, do not remove it and simply manage it's growth.

If you need to redirect a limb, this can be done by tying the branch in question, to another more established branch. Help with its redirection. This can be done by staking and tying as well, or by simply weighting down the branch.

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