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  • Manicured Maples owned and operated by Marti Willis. This page will talk about her business of pruning Laceleaf Japanese Maple trees in Oregon.. Marti is an expert in trimming these exquisite trees.
  • This page talks about the founder of Manicured Maples, Marti Willis. Marti Willis is an expert at Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree pruning.
  • This page describes the details and beauty of the Laceleaf Japanese Maples in Oregon for all seasons. You will also get references on where to locate photos of the many varieties of Japanese maples,
  • This page introduces the information about planting laceleaf japanese maples, pruning, tools, and care. It will show you how to do your own care on laceleaf maple trees, and offer reference material.
  • Here you will learn about planting laceleaf Japanese maples. Marti Willis gives you lots of ideas and expertise regarding the proper time of year, and how to plant your tree.
  • This sections will give you information on many of Marti's favorite Laceleaf Japanese Maple pruning tools.
  • Here you will find information about how to care for Laceleaf Japanese Maple Trees. There are tips for all seasons about watering and sunlight, and also information regarding specific diseases.
  • This is a portfolio of photos from my Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree pruning. It includes before and after photos of the trees in a nice slideshow.
  • This is the contact information fo Marti Willis and Manicured Maple Services. You can submit questions about laceleaf Japanese Maples, and obtain quotes for pruining and other care.
  • Welcome to the Manicured Maples Website. Marti Willis in an expert in pruning Laceleaf Japanese Maple Trees. She does work in and around the Portland Oregon area. This site will not only give you information regarding the care of these trees, but also show you the artistic work that Marti can do for your laceleaf maples.

Laceleaf Japanese Maple Before Trimming




laceleaf japanese maple trimming



"I cannot thank you enough for coming back to trim my tree. It hasn't looked this good since Mr. Ito trimmed it about 10 years ago. Every time I walk up the driveway, I am delighted by your work. My aged Japanese Maple looks just the way it is supposed to look!



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