Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tree Pruning


When to Prune
Your Laceleaf Maple Tree
In Oregon

A thorough job of pruning, shaping, and thinning should be done at least once a year.

Refrain from pruning newly transplanted Laceleaf Japanese Maples. let them establish themselves, sometimes up to 2-3 years. Use good judgement.

Pruning  can be done at any time during the year except when the sap is rising in the early spring generating new leaf growth. Pruning at this time could damage the tree.

Continuous, corrective pruning is advisable during the course of the season. The removal of new, smaller branches during the course of the season helps to maintain the shape of the tree and prevent it from getting out of control. Here in the Northwest, May-Oct appears to be a prime time for this kind of maple tree pruning. Just make sure to always take into account times of extreme heat. Pruning should not be done at this time.

More dramatic pruning may be advised in the late summer (July-Aug) when the tree is entering dormancy. The foliage is mature at this stage, and any "out of control" branches produced in spring can be addressed at this time. Pruning at this time helps to retain the preferred size and shape of your tree.

Pruning in late November to early January when the tree is dormant and bare of leaves makes it easy to see the structure. While pruning at this time is easier, it is often times hard to visualize the tree with leaves and not enough pruning is done. You have to go back and do additional thinning in the spring. More severe pruning can be done at this time.


Pruning Japanese Maple Trees in Oregon



When to Prune your Laceleaf Maple tree in Oregon


"Marti is awesome! After Marti worked her magic on our Japanese Maple it was like having a whole new tree in our yard. For years my wife and I had wanted to cut it back but just did not feel comfortable in doing it ourselves. After 2-3 hours of pruning and trimming we had a wonderful new tree. The outdoor lighting that I had installed under the tree years ago was finally visible at night due to the thinning out of all the old growth and removing of un-needed foliage. She really gave it character and personality. My wife and I were both super pleased and happy with the finished product. We would recommend Marti to anyone and willl continue to use her services in the future!" 

Paul and Barbara 

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